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Helping you to communicate effectively in a crisis

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Helping you to communicate effectively in a crisis

Escott Hunt specialises in dealing with contentious, emotive, hard-to-explain issues. That’s why you can rely on our expertise and the tools we have created to help you to handle a crisis, respond to an emergency or get across contentious information that may not be well received.

Topics range from the implications of Fukushima and the UK’s nuclear new-build programme to the use of animals in medical research, social mobility and climate change.

Terrorism, floods, extreme weather, pandemics, oil pollution and other major incidents involving mass casualties or extensive disruption are all covered by the team who are involved with crisis communications across the spectrum:

  • writing and reviewing major incident communications plans, including those for Lead Government Departments;
  • running workshops and providing training to review, develop and refine comms plans;
  • working in regulatory teams to assess the adequacy of emergency response arrangements;
  • providing media training for spokespeople at every level including Ministers, specialists and officers on the ground.
What our clients say

“I put into practice many of the trainers’ tips in a Radio 4 interview today, they were invaluable.”

“You have exceeded expectations across the board.  The trainers were most accommodating and extremely professional.”

Some of our clients: