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Core media skills

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Core media skills

As a result of this training, delegates will be able to:

  • recognise a media interview as an opportunity;
  • understand how the media works, their demands and expectations as well as appreciating their rights and obligations as an interviewee;
  • prepare quickly and effectively for interviews, setting out clear, concise and effective messages, anticipate likely questions and identify appropriate lines-to-take;
  • undertake local, regional and national interviews (TV, radio and print; specialist and general) in a studio, on location or over the phone;
  • appear confident and engaging;
  • speak in language that is clear, simple and readily understood by the audience;
  • apply key skills and techniques to guide the interview and deliver strong messages to achieve maximum impact;
  • identify and deal with potentially contentious issues and media pitfalls.

Honest feedback

We will help each of your spokespeople evaluate their ability to undertake different types of media interviews.

They will learn to appreciate their strengths and recognise the areas of their performance where there is scope for improvement.

We will provide specific feedback to your comms team so that they can select the right person for interview and provide them with the pre-interview support they need.


Ongoing support

We offer follow-up telephone interviews to refresh and refine the media skills of your spokespeople. 

We can also help them rehearse their agenda for an upcoming interview.

This is included as part of each training package.