Escott Hunt
Presentations that get results


Presentations that get results

We help you to prepare and deliver polished presentations that influence, persuade and have impact. Your trainer will show you how to present your ideas clearly, enthusiastically and with conviction.

Training is participative, engaging, friendly and positive, focusing on making practical improvements to your existing skills.

The services we provide include training for small groups, workshops for delegates preparing for a specific presentation as well as one-to-one coaching in public speaking.

What all of these approaches have in common is a commitment to bring communication alive through powerful presentation techniques that will help you communicate successfully in today’s world.

You should expect to achieve instant and lasting results.  You will learn how to:

  • bring your presentation to life by preparing compelling content quickly and effectively;
  • develop your personal style so that you hold your audience’s attention;
  • handle questions with confidence and authority;
  • feel confident enough to put your skills into practice straight away.

We usually record and play back presentations and this helps our delegates improve faster, get better results and spend less time in training.

What our clients say

“I put into practice many of the trainers’ tips in a Radio 4 interview today, they were invaluable.”

“You have exceeded expectations across the board.  The trainers were most accommodating and extremely professional.”

Some of our clients: