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This is what our clients have said recently about the training they have received from Escott Hunt.

Medical researchers

The only reason why I’ve been able to get through the last few days is that you prepared me so well.

Perhaps it is a journalistic skill to spot the hot areas, but it was nonetheless most impressive.

Thank you for the excellent refresher.  I'm really pleased with how the interview went and the clear messages that came through, despite some of the questions.

We have had a lot of positive emails through from our colleagues across industry and academia.

Controversial topic: use of animals in medical research

From the client:  Thank you for the superb job you did – it could have gone so horribly wrong!

From the research community:  Everyone here is talking about the programme, as well as out there in the twittersphere and in emails. It was exemplary in every way.

From the programme maker: EVERYONE we spoke to on air was eloquent, articulate and Impressive.

Climate change scientists

I really feel we've turned a corner in terms of the communication of the science, albeit there is still a long rocky road ahead.

I was very impressed with your skills and dedication in working with us, and it has paid off for us.

The trainers were very good at putting us in realistic situations. 

Environment Agency delegates

I'm very impressed with how you've got to the nub of the issues with very little to go on – and I also appreciate the time you've spent producing all this advice. A thousand 'thank you’s’.

I just want to say how great the course was, beforehand I was a little nervous but the trainers were excellent and created a great environment for getting the best out of us all.

The pace of the session was spot on and your training style excellent. Everything you covered was entirely relevant to our roles and you packed in plenty of useful hints and tips. 

Both trainers had an amazing knowledge of our business and jargon and had really tailored the course to our roles.

Higher Education Academy trainees

I can honestly say that this was the best day of professional training that I can remember.  I particularly liked how you tailored the learning to the particular context in which we are working.

I am a great believer in hands-on experience alongside information delivery – yours hit the spot really well.  The learning will be useful to me in other areas.

The main focus of our work is on improving the student learning experinece: this was a great staff learning experience.

Civil Nuclear Constabulary

It is often said but seldom meant, however I honestly thought the course yesterday was the best managed course I have ever attended. 

The preparation for the course was first class, the scenarios were extremely well drafted, and the presentation was truly professional.

Hampshire County Council

Many thanks for the superb training event.  All those who attended said the even was just right, well delivered and relevant to their role.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency

It was a stimulating and productive day, as well as being well-organised and excellent value for money. 

The future is always uncertain but, by working with Escott Hunt, we are better prepared for whatever challenges may be round the corner.

Institute of Physics Publishing

IOP Publishing has been working with the Escott Hunt for over a year now to deliver media training, presentations skills and Q and A techniques for staff across a range of roles in our business (including directors). Delegates have given the training  consistently high scores on feedback forms and the most common feedback we have had is 'this was one of the best training courses I have ever done'. I would not hesitate to recommend Susan and her team as a partner to help develop these skills within an organisation.  Karen Watts, Public Relations Manager