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Exercise news


Exercise news

Realistic simulation
Escott Hunt has its own online exercise website set up in a password-protected, hidden environment. This serves three functions:

Online news distribution: Broadcast journalists and writers upload TV, radio and written news reports in real time, during the exercise.  These reports can be viewed by exercise players around the world, adding realism and providing instantaneous feedback that makes a real impact.

Social media simulation: The website features a password-protected simulated Twitter timeline, allowing logged-in users to post and read simulated Tweets from players and simulated members of the public, documenting developments during exercise play.

It adds an important, realistic dimension to exercises and gives players the chance to understand the impact and relevance of social media when planning their response to major incidents.

A copy of your own website: We know that you upload information to your website in an incident and so we recreate it within the same password-protected environment so that you can demonstrate in exercise what we you would do for real.

If you are interested in seeing a demo of our website, please contact us.