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Specialist training

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Our clients call on us when they have a scientific paper or report that is about to be published, an announcement or an emerging issues that is likely to be contentious.

This challenging work often involves your trainers assimilating pages of scientific or technical material before the training day so that they can ask the right questions and offer informed guidance on what to say.

On the day
We help you to convey your findings or the points you want to make clearly and authoritatively. This often involves guidance on

  • rationalising your material so that it is in a manageable form for an interview;
  • pitching information at the right level so that the audience appreciates its significance;
  • minimising the risk of misinterpretation;
  • simplifying complex issues without misleading people;
  • tackling any misperceptions.

We will help you develop your interview agenda and then refine it in a series of interviews. Media skills training will be tailored to reflect the abilities of your spokespeople and the types of interview they may expect to undertake.

Immediately afterwards, your trainer will provide you with your draft interview agenda, including messages and lines-to-take, for you to refine and rehearse.

Messaging workshops

We invite you to bring your specialists together with our trainers to:

  • agree messages;
  • identify critical facts;
  • develop lines;
  • rehearse interviews;
  • refine agenda;
  • hone media skills.

All this will be carried out in a safe, supportive environment.