Escott Hunt
Media refresher


Media refresher

Make the most of each question in every interview

Your spokespeople should:

  • have excellent media awareness;
  • maintain good control of an interview in all circumstances;
  • convey clear, appropriate messages at every opportunity.

In terms of subject matter, we want them to:

  • use simple language so that what they say is readily understood by their audience;
  • provide information that is relevant so that their interviews remain focused;
  • follow their pre-defined agenda and deliver the agreed lines-to-take;
  • deal with any unexpected challenges seamlessly.

We are looking for these positive personal qualities:

  • Outward confidence (without being over-confident).
  • An engaging manner and positive public appeal.
  • A willingness to be open (to provide answers as far as that is possible).
  • A reasoned, authoritative, independent approach.
  • An ability to remain calm under pressure.

Recognising the challenges you face

Spokespeople we train routinely handle questioning from John Humphrys, Justin Webb, Jeremy Paxman and Gavin Esler.

They appear on the Andrew Marr show, Radio 5 Live, The Politics Show, You & Yours, Panorama and Dispatches.

Interviews on the couch for The One Show, Daybreak and BBC Breakfast can be just as challenging.