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A safe environment to examine your communications response


A safe environment to examine your communications response

Each year we plan, manage and assess the media-related aspects of major incident exercises that involve up to 20 organisations including the emergency services, local and health authorities as well as numerous government departments and agencies.

Since 2001, we have supported more than 250 exercises in           19 counties in England, Scotland and Wales, and many overseas. These range from simple table-top exercises to large-scale field exercises, lasting up to two weeks.

This work involves Ministers, Chief Constables, Chief Executives, Directors of Public Health, Admirals and other senior military officers. From six to 2000 players may be involved.

Escott Hunt provides a full range of media services – from one facilitator who can simulate media demands, through to the production of live TV and radio news bulletins presented by professional broadcasters.

Experienced exercise journalists ensure that players are given every opportunity to:

  • demonstrate their legal obligations to warn and inform the public as required under the Civil Contingencies Act;
  • implement an effective communications strategy;
  • rehearse their media skills in interviews, news conferences and other media events.
What our clients say

“I put into practice many of the trainers’ tips in a Radio 4 interview today, they were invaluable.”

“You have exceeded expectations across the board.  The trainers were most accommodating and extremely professional.”

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